Gaining Mastery Over Yourself: Is It Possible to Achieve?


A famous phrase says, “Whoever achieves triumph over themselves can conquer the entire world.” Indeed, gaining control of yourself and your mind isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but learning this skill can transform you massively. Generally, people are controlled by their thoughts and emotions, and they do exactly what their thoughts and feelings push them to do so. As per ancient yogic tradition, your mind is a chariot, with you as the driver and the horses standing for the other senses. The chariot gets driven in all directions when you let your ideas and emotions run wild. So, As a driver, your job is to have complete control over your chariot and be able to steer it in the way you like.

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Meaning of “Gaining mastery over yourself”

“Gaining mastery over yourself” means not to do the things that your feelings or emotions make you want to do. If you achieve this mastery, you can fully command your senses. You will see whatever you want to see; you will perceive whatever you wish to perceive. Your desires, lust, and anger can’t trap you. No matter the situation, good or bad, you can’t be distracted by that. It means you will control your desires and emotions, not your desires and emotions control you. Calmness, positivity, confidence, and the ability to take criticism will appear in your nature, and you as a person attain perfection. In this article, we will discuss some mantras that would be helpful if you gain mastery over your mind and thus your thoughts and emotions.

Your body and mind are intertwined

Realizing that you have complete control over your state is the first step toward learning how to govern your mind. Because your mind, body, and thoughts are all intertwined, you can utilize mind-body practices to help you think more clearly, which influences your moods. As you know, your mind is a layer of fertile land, and the seeds of thought you are sowing in your mind, your body acts accordingly. If you continuously think about sex, you make your body needy for sex. If you constantly desire to be great, you will be pushed by your thoughts to be great.

Understand the power of the mind

Most of us are unaware of how strong our minds are. It is a powerful tool that can make you the way you want. When someone says “Mind,” don’t get it as any physical organ of your body that is made up of blood and blood vessels. It is a thought that accumulates in your brain. So the mind is a combination of brain and thoughts. Controlling your thoughts gives you control over your fate. Imagination harnesses that incredible potential by providing us with the one thing we genuinely require to succeed: a strong belief in ourselves. Because it works, it’s equally employed by the greatest personalities. Always surround yourself with positive and successful people and let your mind imagine and think something positive. Actually, your surroundings and your thoughts help how your mind will be developed and what direction it will go.

Perform mindfulness activity

Monks in old times devised their own mental exercises long before neuroscience and psychology were even invented. These techniques for gaining cognitive control are still influential today. If you ask about mindfulness activity that can, then meditation or chanting “Aum” would help you gain mastery over your mind. You’ll learn more about the ideas that affect your attitude on life as you incorporate these activities into your daily routine. Cognitive, psychological, spiritual, cultural, and physical influences impact beliefs. As a result, beliefs significantly impact how we see ourselves and the world and what we believe we can and cannot achieve in life. Accepting our views without challenging them is a component of human nature.


Life might be daunting for those who aren’t mentally prepared. One negative remark can send you down a self-doubt rabbit hole. Every thought and feeling make you retaliate and act impulsively. So control your desires, and not let them govern you. If you are able to do so, you may come in the category of the perfect man.

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