Money Vs. Passion: What Should You Prioritize?

Money vs Passion

Should I do what I love, or should I step up to make money? This is a question that disturbs most youths. You have only one life and doing things you love makes your life meaningful. On the other hand, money is also an important thing on which your survival and standard of living depend. So in such a case, what do you opt for, money or Passion? Here we are going to throw some lights on two. 

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Following passion

When you choose a career that matches your interest, you’re primarily concerned with how pleased you’ll be doing it. Passions are personal to each person, and when someone picks a profession based on their Passion, they are usually more satisfied with how the work’s activities make them feel or affect their health. They get more free time than those who do routine jobs to earn. For example, if you love singing and become a professional singer, you will be more satisfied, no matter what money you are making. If you love coding and become a developer, you will be happier than those who choose this profession compulsively. So this is the case. 

Earning money

Choosing a career based on money or your monthly and yearly salary makes you financially stable. Money is a powerful tool that creates your status and makes you status-less. It grants wishes and takes them away; it makes some people happy and wretched. Today, the desire for wealth is almost inextricably tied to the pursuit of happiness, and many people will say that wealth equals happiness. Need of money can force artists to do a daily desk job if they don’t see any better scope in their career.

Pros and cons of choosing Passion over money

Choosing Passion over money can make you a big hit or snatch everything from you. Actually, when you opt for a profession as per your interest, it doesn’t always guarantee a successful life. You also have to face difficulties, struggles, and a lack of money. Maybe at some point, you can be forced to leave your Passion. But if you overcome such a situation, you can be a satisfied and happy person. The best thing about choosing Passion is you have to do the things you are interested in. So no burden, pressure, tension, and stress in life. You can enjoy your life the way you want.


  • Struggle for money 
  • Hard to relax
  • Expectations are not met
  • Passion disappears

But if you surpass all odd phases, you will achieve something that will change your whole life. 


  • Happy life
  • No stress and tensions
  • Can make more money once you get fame 
  • You Will enjoy your work
  • You will not feel any workload

Pros and cons of choosing money over Passion

As discussed, money is the solution to all kinds of problems, so choosing money can provide you with financial support and stability in life. As you know, in today’s world, money is equivalent to power and thus respect in society. So earning money can make you respectable and a dominant personality in the community. But for that, you have to earn, do 9 to 5 jobs, work under someone, or be dependent on someone. If you are working for money without being interested in your work, you will always feel workload and thus mental harassment.


  • Money
  • Safety
  • Respect in society 
  • Better financial status
  • Support to tackle any odd or uncertain situations


  • Underdevelopment
  • Pressure
  • Stress and tension
  • Long working hours
  • No or less enjoyment

What to do

First, decide your priorities, what you need. If you are free, young, and have a good family background, you may opt to follow your Passion. But if you have family and kids, it is better to have strong financial support. So act always according to the situation and priorities. Don’t get over-excited without visualizing your future. 

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