What Is Digital Detox and What Are Its Advantages?

digital detox

Have you ever noticed how many times you pick up your cell phone to check notifications? No, obviously not, because numbers are uncountable. Today, phones, laptops, and the internet have become an essential part of our lives. They are as necessary as food and water. Most of us start our morning and end our evening with faces glued to laptops or mobile phones. We have become so enamored with our phones that according to a recent study, the average individual touches their cellphone 2617 times each day and checks their email every 6 minutes.

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Continuous exposure to digital world causes problems

We’re getting more technology-dependent and social media-minded by the day in today’s technology-driven world, which impacts our physical and mental health. Continuous radiation from the screen weakens eyesight, causes headaches and various other problems. Stress, tension, and lack of sleep are the daily visiting guests for people who sit 8 to 10 hours in front of the computer. But there is no solution as well. Quitting technology is also not possible, especially if your profession requires you to be digitally available 24 hours a day. So what to do? How can one survive in this digital world by taking proper care of their well-being and health? Then Here comes Digital Detox. 

What is Digital detox?

A digital detox is when a person disconnects from the digital world and avoids using electronic gadgets such as smartphones, televisions, computers, tablets, and social media sites. It’s common to think of “detoxing” from digital gadgets as a method to focus on real-life social connections without distractions. People can relieve stress caused by constant connectedness to digital devices. Generally it is done by taking a break from your work for a short period of time.

Benefits of digital detox

Better work-life balance 

In today’s fast-paced life, you are not free from office work even if you are at home. You have to respond to mails of the client, attend business calls, and various others. Going for digital detox makes you free from these things, and you can better focus on your well-being and other priorities of your life, like family, kids, and other loved ones.

Real-life social connections-

Getting continuously busy on the phone and chatting with social media friends makes people socially marginalized. We use digital devices to stay in touch with people miles apart from us while forgetting to connect with people right in front of us. Put your electronics away and allow yourself to appreciate the company of those around you entirely; you’ll be astonished at how much more involved you’ll feel right away.

Better sleep – 

Many studies have demonstrated that using digital gadgets before bedtime disrupts our sleep. By turning off your devices, you can get a better night’s sleep and avoid being woken up in the middle of the night. 

Better mental and physical health

When you take a break by logging off your social accounts, leaving your phone, laptops, and other digital gadgets, you will freshen yourself for a better tomorrow. Go to any hill station or retreat center without any electronic devices and utilize all your free time by spending time with you, observing nature, meeting people. You will feel inner joy and optimistic hope in your life. 


We are surrounded by technology, and we are forced to live there. But prioritizing yourself, your health, families, and kids are also essential. Take a break from the digital world, spend time with nature, surround yourself with your loved ones, and give time to your family. Trust us; it will work magnificently. 

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