Want To Boost Your Creativity? Follow These Proven Ways


If someone asks you what Creativity is, what will you answer? According to Dorothy Parker, a prominent American poet, Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye. If you break this statement into simpler terms, Wild Mind means – a mind that can generate unique ideas, and Disciplined eye means – framing those ideas into reality with complete accuracy. So as a layman, you can say that bringing new and inventive ideas to life is known as Creativity. The ability to perceive the environment in new ways, identify hidden patterns, establish connections between apparently unrelated phenomena, and generate solutions is characteristic of being creative. 

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Meaning of being creative

When it comes to being creative, you must know that it is an innate quality that comes naturally in a person and is developed with time. It can’t be learned like other skills. You must be able to see things in innovative ways or from a different viewpoint in order to be creative. You must be able to produce fresh options or alternatives, among other things. Tests of creativity look at how many options people can come up with and how unique those possibilities are. Thinking and then producing are two steps in the creative process.

If you also have that natural quality and want it to be flourished more, follow these proven steps-

Step out of your comfort zone

It is said that the comfort zone is the biggest enemy of Creativity. Unless you step out of it, you can’t develop the power to think and act differently. You should remember that creative people are not commoners; they are unique and different. A Comfort zone generally provides an environment where you become casual and live your life with a lot of ease. When you come out of it, experience new learnings, taste some bitterness of life, it will help you stand tall among the crowd.  

Surround yourself with inspiring personalities

Many psychologists claim that the environment influences the creative process as well. Surround yourself with things that inspire and motivate you and help you develop your Creativity. Create an inspiring and energizing work environment. Seek out stimulating events and environments to explore. For example, if you love painting, try to watch videos from youtube of your favorite painter whom you admire. Try to listen to his words and gain a mantra to be successful. Or you can attend an event like a painting exhibition that is organized nearby your locality. You can visit an art gallery, art museum so that you can be inspired. 

Try to be alone for some time in a day 

Solitude and Creativity are complementary to each other. If you get a chance to ask a question from any artist/poet/author, ask him when he framed his best creation? Probably he will make you understand the importance of solitude. When you are alone, new ideas and thoughts come to mind. It is the best time to utilize your brain for imagination and shape them in reality. For example- 

Try to meet different kinds of people and observe their behavior

Meeting different types of people helps you understand different human behavior. It would be easy to sketch, create or portray any personality if you have experienced other behaviors. Being an observer can play a significant role in taking your Creativity to new heights. The more you observe, the more you perceive and reflect it in your personality. 


No matter how talented you are, you can’t sharpen your talent if you don’t practice. Whether you are a writer, poet, mathematician, painter, storyteller, designer, or whatever, practicing gives you confidence and enhances your talent. For example, if someone is an outstanding singer and he/she doesn’t get time to practice, he is destroying his capability. Practicing boosts you psychologically, and whenever you have to perform or act on a big stage, you can give your 100 percent without any fear.  


So these are some ways through which you can take your creativity to a new level. If you are in a creative profession, you can excel yourself whatever profession you are pursuing. 

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