Why Should We Step Out of Our Comfort Zone?

comfort zone

Change is the law of nature, and as a human being, you must go through a variety of transformations that mold you into a better version of yourself. Adventures, opportunities, possibilities, and learning opportunities abound in life, and in order to take advantage of them, you need to adapt to new changes by venturing outside of your comfort zone.

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What is a Comfort Zone?

The term “comfort zone” refers to a mental state where people feel secure and safe. We know what to expect and how to respond when we’re in our comfort zone. We believe tough times and odd situations (if they arise) can be easily solved. Our urgent requirements have been met, and we are at ease. Your brain resists change while you’re in your comfort zone. Your basic requirements are addressed, you’re stress-free, and your brain understands that your body is surviving, which hinders your success. Let’s dive deep into why one should come out of their comfortable state of mind?

Why step out of your comfort zone?

Your mind can’t grow, and you can’t attain personal development until and unless you leave your comfort zone. It’s OK to stay there for a time, but if you want to keep growing and adapting to new conditions, this is not the place for you. Although this comfort zone may appear appealing (since it allows us to remain in “automatic pilot” mode at all times), it is not stimulating. Staying there will eventually leave us feeling empty.

1. Develop a sense of self-awareness and growth.

Learning allows us to expand our horizons, acquire a deeper sense of self, and get new views. We discover our strengths and put them to the test. Simply, moving out of your comfort zone is attempting something new or in a novel manner. And when you attempt something new, you get new learnings that transform you into a better human being.

2. Boosts your self-confidence

The longer we stay in our familiar surroundings, the more frightening new territory becomes. However, the world is continuously changing, and people who are afraid of risk becoming obsolete. So taking risks boosts your self-confidence. 

3. Makes you responsible

Until and unless you come out of your ease, you can’t be responsible. How does responsibility come? When you face challenges, taste bitter experiences of life, take risks. For example, when you are at home, you get cooked food, you don’t need to wash clothes, everything is ready-made, and you have just to use them, but when you shift to a hostel or any other new place, you have to do all these things on your own, and that broadens your shoulder. 


Getting out of your comfort zone makes it easier to deal with change more effectively. You adapt to the new environment, meet new people, experience new lessons, and face difficulties; these things help you excel personally and professionally. You advance to the next level each time you change yourself. These life transitions will inevitably transform you. 

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