How To Keep Secrets Only to You?


We share secrets with someone we trust, and it can deepen our relationship with someone when we share secrets with them. Gossip is juicy, and everybody likes it. It passes like fire from people, and you didn’t even know who shared them. It’s worse when secrets are turned into Gossip, and people invade your privacy. You should be delighted that someone is sharing secrets with you, and you can’t break their trust at any cost. People have their secrets as well, and now they have to be responsible for keeping other people’s secrets too, which can be difficult. 

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Here are some ways in which you can keep secrets

  • Never turn them into Gossip

Whenever you’re telling a secret to someone, make sure that person is trustworthy and doesn’t blurt it out to other people to turn that into Gossip. Some people like to pass juicy information to people and make fun of it. 

  • Be loyal to the person who is telling you a secret.

Loyalty is crucial because the person who is telling you the secret trusts you hardcore, and you can misbehave in any way. You are his confidante, and if you are good at keeping secrets, you’re blessing your life. 

  • Change the subject of discussion.

Whenever you find yourself in the middle of a conversation that can make you reveal secrets, either walk away or change the subject of the discussion. You don’t want to regret later the secret you have spilled to people and watch that turn into Gossip. Just shift the attention to any other topic of discussion. 

  • Enjoy being a mysterious person.

When you have secrets, you become this mysterious person everyone wants to talk about. Enjoy this personality and be that way.

  • Forgetful about the secrets

When you’re a person who is forgetful about things, this is the best way to keep secrets. You won’t remember it, and it will also fulfill the other person’s expectations. 

  • Just pretend that it never took place.

Pretend that it never happened and be in denial always. This way, you can keep the secret and even pretend to forget about it. 

  • Do not ever pen it down.

There is no need to document it on any paper. Do not ever write it down somewhere because sometimes you forget where you kept it, and there are chances some people will find it. If you have a habit of writing a journal and people know it, do not tell them where you keep the diary. People might read it when you’re not present, and everything will be spilled. 

  • Do not tell anyone in the first place.

The best thing you can do is not to tell anyone about it. Control your feelings and pretend that there are no secrets in your life. You can take it to your grave and never tell anyone about it. 

These are some of how you can preserve your secrets and save them before it turns into Gossip. Choose people wisely when you want to tell a secret. People are not loyal, and you don’t want to regret your decision later. 

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